Mattie Schraeder

Board and Card Game Designer, Software Engineer, Server Admin, Blogger
December 21, 2021

The Best Board Games of 2021 (that I played)

I roughly keep track of all the board and card games I play throughout the year. Some of these are new this year, some are simply new to me, and others are simply old favorites that were pulled off the shelves. Some I played only once, while others at least a dozen times. Either way, these 10 games are the best board game experiences I’ve had this year.

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May 9, 2021

Moving Beyond the Gateway Game

In the board game hobby there is the idea of the gateway game, that I for one think is flawed. The idea stems from the also flawed war on drugs, where lighter drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol, are said to lead to harder drugs, which lead to even harder drugs, and the next thing you know you’re an addict. Similarly, in the board game industry, people think that lighter games are used to bring someone into the hobby, a gateway to the harder and more complex games that “real gamers” want to play.

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